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pop Art

A craft shop and unique activities, which combines a variety of topics from the craft field.       

In the store you will find a wide variety of modern and high-quality materials.

The idea was born from years of doing and working with children. Over the years we have learned and become convinced of the magic of Bizarya, which gives children endless possibilities and freedom of expressionCombining pleasure, developing skills, acquiring work processes, ways of working, planning and thinking for the long term.

Each one alone and all of us together will develop the imagination and the skills.

Everyone will enjoy the joy of creation and a beautiful new product that he designed and created.

The work also opens up options for children other than those they are growing up with today and gives the opportunity to taste the childhood of the past, before the era of the computer, the Internet, mobile phones and television.

The piece develops thinking, concentration and imagination and allows the child to create and think about a finished product by himself.

Enjoy the process - proud of the result!

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